A vibrant community

Man in courtyard playing table tennis

Toffee Factory is home to a vibrant and friendly community and there is a range of ways you can engage with your neighbours. We have a full calendar of events, cultural programme, weekly street food pop-ups and other socials. The Valley also has many green areas to discover, alongside enjoyable river walks you can even call in at the farm and stables.

Man seated at Toffee Factory event
Group of people attending an evening event in Toffee Factory courtyard.
Staff talking and laughing on the roof terrace

Social places

Toffee Factory provides the perfect place to work hard and also to unwind. From table tennis and basketball, to a rooftop meeting space, and on to pubs, bakeries and restaurants a stones-throw away, there’s great options for socialising and taking a break from work.

Making it easy to connect and collaborate

Toffee Factory is highly versatile. You will benefit from your own quiet office space but there are also many great areas of the building to discover and use.

Two woman chatting in a glass archway

Communal Points

Dotted around the building are carefully designed corners and tea points that are perfect for a chat with colleagues or to get to know your neighbours.

View of tables and chairs on the terrace

Roof Terrace

We have a fantastic rooftop terrace that provides the perfect alternative to a formal meeting space. It is our little oasis.

Man throwing basketball into hoop in courtyard

Outdoor Courtyard

Shoot some hoops or play some table tennis. The riverside also provides a great spot to eat your lunch.


On our Doorstep

Ouseburn is the creative hub of Newcastle and host to many incredible independent businesses. We are spoilt for choice here with cafes, restaurants, bakeries, pubs, and bars. The perfect place to socialise.

Our directory

Toffee Factory is home to a diverse community of creative practitioners comprising visual artists, illustrators, graphic designers, arts consultants, architectural firms and branding agencies.

Two woman chatting in a glass archway
Woman smiling while chatting in a meeting in office
Two people talking and eating in office in Toffee Factory

“We’ve worked closely with some of our neighbours on various client campaigns, utilising their creative skills beyond our PR remit.”

Sue Reay – Director – East River PR

“It’s surrounded by some of the best places to eat and drink in the city and has lots of places for lunchtime walks or gym sessions if that’s your bag.”

Tanya Garland – Managing Director – Cool Blue

“The location is great for hosting team and client meetings, the building is a pleasure to work from and the in-house team are professional and friendly.”

Mark Gibbs – Global Market Director – Westermo