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Film & Food at Toffee Factory

July 29, 2014

See Alexander Payne’s sun-drenched, wine-soaked masterpiece Sideways as never before.

This screening marks the start in a series of specifically tailored film & food pairings at Toffee Factory. The Creative Space Management team who manage the venue have teamed up with fine wine aficionados Carruthers & Kent plus local bakery Sugar Down to bring you all you need for the perfect evening: film, wine & food.

Join hapless wine connoisseur – and failing novelist – Miles and his reckless friend Jack, a B-list actor, on their road trip of Californian vineyards and misadventure for a screening of this bittersweet cult classic, all lubricated by a 3 flight wine tasting at various points during the film screening. A picnic of bread, cheese, meat & chutney will also be served.

If you’ve never seen this delicious film before now’s your chance. And if you have… see it again!

Thursday 11th September, from 6.30pm onwards

Tickets cost £25 (includes 3 glasses of specially selected fine wine & a picnic) and are available through Carruthers & Kent          T  0191 213 1818


Illustration by Lucy Hammond 



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