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Brand New Day for Keltie Cochrane

March 25, 2015

Keltie Cochrane (KC), one of the very first companies to set up shop in Toffee Factory, have decided this is the year to shake things up and rebrand. Both born and bred in Newcastle, (Ian) Keltie and (Jason) Cochrane first met in 1999 while working for BBC in London and immediately bonded over their shared views of high-end creative illustration, US culture and, of course, those melodious Geordie accents. In 2007 they took a leap of faith and came together to form design agency Keltie Cochrane.

Thanks to their reputation as standout high end designers, work came in thick and fast from the outset. When Toffee Factory’s doors opened back in 2011, it was the perfect new nest for a growing company. Co-director Ian says of their home at Toffee Factory:

“Being based at The Toffee Factory is a great experience, the building speaks for itself for obvious reasons, but from a business point of view it’s in a great location and has everything we need to run our company – I’d happily recommend The Toffee Factory to any business.”

Now in their 7th year of trading, Keltie Cochrane have built up an impressive and extensive list of clients both locally and nationally, including The Guardian, Random House Publishing and BBC. As well as these established UK brands, KC have forged strong working relationships with many well-known American publications such as Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and Lucasfilms to name but a few. Working with such a vast array of high calibre clientele obviously inspired KC to give their very own brand a spring clean, whilst maintaining the strong visual connection they have with their audience.

“The beauty of the new look is it gives us freedom to evolve when and how we want, there are no guidelines, no brand colours, no set ways of working, so it can change from day to day or even moment to moment depending on how we feel.”


KC New Logo


To tie in with their rebranding, KC are now looking for a base Stateside – LA to be precise – to complement their Newcastle home here at Toffee Factory and build on their growing reputation in the good old US of A as well as here in the UK.

So if you want to see what Tyneside’s best combination since Ham & Pease pudding are capable of, and perhaps even see what they can do for your company, check them out here.

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what our clients say:

"The team at the Toffee Factory do a great job in fuelling a creative work place. They put a lot of effort into what many landlords might consider to be the softer side of working life such as organising exciting food, cultural and leisure events. These things make a big positive difference to creative teams like ours and the other businesses in the building."  

Tanya Garland – Managing Director of Cool Blue