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Transforming the Digital Experience

May 23, 2018

On Thursday 7th June we welcome the Digital Experts of Leighton and Your Homes Newcastle to discuss the ever changing world of online working systems. If you are considering updating your online business platform this is the event for you!

Tracking the evolution of global brand websites and comparing their earliest versions to what is currently available. Find out how to adapt your business to suit modern expectations of communication and interaction. Attract the top talent by utilising the most modern, efficient, mobile and digital workflows.

Leighton is an award winning integrated technology business. Using creativity and expertise to connect businesses with their customers and drive commercial success across multiple touchpoints. Changing the way you think about your business and the benefits of digital forever.

The event is completely free and runs from 1pm – 5pm. Please register your interest here and we will see you there!

Thursday 7th June, Toffee Factory

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what our clients say:

'We love working with the Toffee Factory and their excellent team. The space is brilliantly designed by Xsite Architecture to nurture creativity and features furniture and prints by a number of Northern designers we work with on the Northern Design Festival. We have done pop up design events at the Toffee Factory during Open Studios and are using the space for our partner events with the Crafts Council.'  

Karen Nairstone – Director, Design EventNE