Emily L

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Emily L

July 17, 2018

Printed Textile Designer

During my career I have successfully worked for well known Design Studios in London, New York and Sydney. Showing myself to be motivated, organised, capable of working under pressure and adapting my skills to different markets. I am passionate about almost everything creative, I love to create new concepts through different mediums and always eager to learn and integrate new skills into my work. I have gained an expansive understanding of colour, composition and design, I have been able to apply this knowledge to produce innovative, unique and quality led designs, selling internationally to some of the most renowned designer labels, high street brands and fabric mills.

Available for commissions.

E – emily@emilyl.co.uk

M – 07342132575

T – 0191 375 9018

W – www.emilyl.co.uk

I – @emily.l.design

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what our clients say:

“¡VAMOS! has presented Mexican Wrestling for a few years now and we were genuinely thrilled when the Toffee factory accepted us! It is an inspiring and beautiful location, with talent in abundance and a great team delivering it. It is also a site that many of the festival audience won't have been to, so there were many surprised faces!"

Nikolas Barrera – Director of ¡VAMOS! Festival