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Bridging the Ouseburn

June 27, 2017

Following the theme of Heritage for this year’s Ouseburn Festival parade, Toffee Factory is celebrating a vital part of the Ouseburn that has eased travel over water and Valley.  Exhibiting prints from Sue Bright’s book, Bridging the Ouseburn, come and discover the change in the area over the years. Work includes photographs by David Lawson and images from the Newcastle City Libraries.

Boasting an impressive 7 bridges in such a small stretch of land they are used by pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and trains. All varying in design, function, size and age there is a lot to find out about our familiar surroundings. Our occupiers have had a go of building their own bridges too. A Toffee mix of designers, architects and public relations, some impressive structures will be on display. There will be a chance to have a go at creating your own bridge with craft materials available. Copies of the book will be available to purchase on the day with all of the proceeds going to Ouseburn Festival.

Toffee Factory, 2nd July, 12-4pm

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