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Big Movers

May 15, 2019

There has been plenty of activity within the Toffee walls this month. Two companies have outgrown their shared space desks and have moved into one of our offices!

Factory 35 first moved to Toffee Factory in February 2017, taking two desks in the shared space. An image library specialising in backplates and HDR domes for the automotive advertising market. They produce really high standard stock photography entirely shot by professionals.  During their time at Toffee, their work load has grown enormously they needed more room to grow.  

Bumbl took two desks in January 2018 and have been busy bees ever since. They are a digital marketing agency delivering solutions in social media marketing, search marketing, and content production. Always ahead of the curve, Bumbl identify what is best for the individual company and builds brands to be better.  Both companies have teamed up and taken the step into one of our ground floor offices.

‘The shared space was the perfect start for Factory 35 when we relocated from London to Newcastle. It allowed us to move from our individual home offices into a well presented, collaborative working environment surrounded by great people. The opportunity to move into our new, larger office couldn’t have come at a better time, coinciding with our plans for new staff members as we continue to grow the business.’

–  Matthew Stone,  Photographer & Co-Owner Factory 35

‘We’re excited to be entering the next chapter of growth as a business, and we feel that Toffee Factory is the perfect place to do it. We’re lucky to be based in an exciting hub of creative businesses, and grateful to have found a second space within the building to grow into. The location will aid us with attracting top talent in the North East.’

Greg Miles, Founder & Managing Director, Bumbl

This marks the seventh move from the shared space to an office we have had at Toffee! It is a really exciting time for both companies and we are happy to help them grow in Toffee Factory.

Whilst the reshuffle happens downstairs, one of our upstairs offices will be available to let from 22nd June. Toffee Factory is home to creative and digital businesses. If you are looking to move, get in touch! We are happy to give you a tour of our building.

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“Toffee Factory has a fantastic reputation for events and community, resulting in quite a lot of pride when telling people where I'm based!”

Matt Shaw – Director of Pixel House Media