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Beer today, gone tomorrow

February 22, 2016

Following on from a soft launch in October last year, 2016 sees Toffee Factory continue as a monthly collection point for locally-produced items of food and drink, at sensible prices.

Artisan Baking Community, who operates from Wylam Library, have teamed up with Ouseburn Valley’s very own microbrewery, father and son duo Newcastle Brewing Ltd, to devise bread & beer baskets for collection.


Bread & Beer Launch


On the last Friday of every month join us in our reception between 11am and 1pm and treat yourself to takeaway goodies in the form of fresh loaves of bread plus craft beers and real ales from Artisan Baking Community and Newcastle Brewing Ltd respectively.

There’s no need to pre-order and no minimum spend, so whether you fancy just 1 item or enough to feed the 5000, why not satisfy your curiosity and call in to see what’s on offer.

For dietary information:
Artisan Baking Community Andy Haddon
Newcastle Brewing Ltd. Mike Bell

All other enquiries:

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what our clients say:

“Thanks to all the staff for helpfulness, we knew we could be confident about all the arrangements and a warm welcome for our guests.”

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